How Do You Block Calls On Virginmobile Cell Phone?


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From the Virgin Mobile FAQs on Website:
How do I block incoming calls from specific phone #'s?

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Security. Enter your own four-digit lock code (default is 0000 or last 4 dig of your number). Choose "Selective Call Blocking" and enter up to 10 numbers you would like to block. To unblock a number, repeat the process and delete the number from the list.

HOWEVER - I tried it and I don't have the "Selective Call Blocking" option on my phone. So I called them, they blocked a number for me - FOR TEXT MSGS ONLY. Said they couldn't block incoming calls from a number. If you want a number blocked for texts, you have to call the Helpline, they do it for you. Same to "unblock" it. No way to block it for incoming calls, they told me, even though it shows these steps on their website.

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