How Do You See Who Is Calling You From A Private Or Blocked Phone Call?


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It can be very irritating when receiving a private call but there are ways to find out the number. There is something called Caller ID which can identify the number of the person or company calling.

There are steps you can undertake to find out who is calling if people do decide to withhold their number from you.

- Just pick up the phone and talk straightway
- You can call up a service by dialling *69 which is valid in most states.
- Do try other codes aside from simply dialing *69. If the call comes from your local region then *57 should work.
- Other codes which may work are *71 and *67. On the whole these are universal for most telephone companies.
- If this is not successful then contact your local telephone company in order to obtain the codes specific to the company you use.

There are applications on the market, such as super call blocker and call block, which will give you the chance to block private or withheld numbers.

There are also phone companies who offer services such as call block, call rejection, call trap or call screening and will cost you an extra $3.95 or more every month.

Then, should someone call when you have these things in place, it is more likely you can obtain the person's number accordingly. Check with your phone service provider to find out what is available in your area.
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Use a reverse trace line to find their name, and address. Click Here!
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If you want to discover who called you then you can use reverse directories available on the Internet. These directories are mostly called reverse phone number look up directories. This is the most authentic and apt way to discover who called you. If you want to get advantage of these directories then you would have to get membership. The terms and cost of membership could be different for each resource. However, the cost of these directories is reasonable. You can pay the charges by using a credit card and may become the member of the resource.

If you would use the reverse phone number directories to discover who called you then you would mostly be able to obtain desired results. The procedure for performing a research on different directories could be different. If you want to perform a flat research then you would have to check and understand the procedure of resource before deciding to use it. By checking the procedure of the resource, you would be able to discover whether you can fulfill the requirements of the resource or not. Mostly the requirements would not be tough but still you should know about them prior to starting your investigation about any phone number.

If someone from your family or friends has been using any reverse look up directory to discover who called then you can get recommendation from that person. However if no one has been using the online directories then you would have to discover one by yourself. This is not a rocket science to discover any reliable resource and one can do it easily. All you need to do is to go on any search engine and look for reverse phone number directories. You would come up with a long list and then you can go through a few from the list to discover which one is suitable for you. Mostly it would not take more than 20 minutes to discover any good resource.

Different online reverse phone number look up directories provide different amount of information. These directories provide the samples of information they provide. You can check these samples in order to find how much information you would get from any resource. While checking the samples of different resources, you should also compare the cost of these resources because a resource which has been providing more information might be charging higher price for providing the information. So, you should also compare the cost of different resources.

If you need further information on tracing phone numbers then you can visit these website:who called me and who is calling me?.
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There is a way to trace private or blocked numbers. It is to set up a reverse trace line. This trace line would assist you to trace even a blocked number or a private number. It can even trace the calls coming from a pay phone. The way this trace line operates is very simple.

You just have to give your landline number to this trace line and since then every call coming to you would be automatically forwarded to this trace line and they would be able to procure the numbers from which the call has been placed. Another way is to use the help of private investigators. They might have some ways and means of tracing the private and blocked calls as well. You would be able to make use of their services by paying their fees.
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What about fro cell phones? How do you set up your cell phone so you can see who's calling you private?
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Call the police and tell them someone is calling you're phone saying they're going to kill you. Tell them you're very scared for your life

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