How To Unfreeze Samsung Tocco Lite?


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Unlocking the Samsung Tocco Lite should in theory be possible by following the following series of steps.

  • Preparing The Phone
To start, the phone must be turned off. Then the SIM card is removed and the phone is turned back on again. When the home screen appears, it is necessary to go to Menu, followed by selecting Settings. On the Settings menu, Phone Settings should then be selected. From this menu, the PC connections options is chosen, followed by pressing save. The phone then has to be connected to the PC, using the USB cable.

  • Getting the Codes
On the PC the FastGSM VCM software needs to be started. The user's e-mail and password for their FastGSM account then has to be entered. On the right hand side of the panel appearing next, the Read unlock codes button should then be pressed. It is then necessary to wait for the codes to be generated. This could take a moment or two. When the unfreeze and network unlock codes appear, they should be noted on a piece of paper. After closing the software, the phone is disconnected from the PC.

  • Entering the Codes
After disconnecting the phone, it has to be turned off. The SIM card now has to be inserted again, followed by turning the phone on. When the freeze screen is displayed, the Call button is pressed. On the next screen, the unfreeze code has to be entered. It will then take a moment for the network unlock screen to appear. Once the network lock screen is shown, the network unlock code is entered, followed by pressing confirm. The phone should now be permanently unlocked. Should this sequence fail to unlock the phone, it may be necessary to contact the relevant supplier or network provider for further instructions.

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