How To Make A Heart Sign In Text Messaging?


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Writing a symbol for a heart in a text message is a sign of affection and love, since the heart is synonymous in western cultures with the idea of love, hence why it is such an ubiquitous symbol in Valentine's Day cards, romantic chocolates etc., with the success of the symbol being due in no small part to its representative qualities, that is, in that it doesn't actually look like the organ of a human heart. However, unlike other popular forms of modern long distance communication, such as internet based social networking sites, for example Facebook or MSN, it is impossible to write out fully functioning emoticons via text message. Instead, you have to simply make the nearest representation of a heart that you can using the symbols available to you on your mobile phone. Although the result of this will not be as impressive as a colourful, moving symbol found on those computer based sites, it ought to none the less get across your sentiment of love or affection. The most popular example of such a heart symbol is a combination of the 'less than' sign, with the number three, with the two put next to each other in order to look like a heart. Thus, you get '<3' as a result. If this fails to satisfy your desire for a heart sign in a text message, there are more impressive, though also more time consuming possibilities. Essentially, they consist of making the general shape of a traditional heart out of a careful placement of other symbols, with its distinctive shape being shown through the use of spaces to emphasise the curves at the top of the symbol.
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In text messaging, you would use <3. However, making a heart using internet text messaging or instant messaging, you would hold down the ''alt'' key and hit the ''3'' on the right keypad of your keyboard (with number lock turned ON), and a ♥ symbol comes up.
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< and 3 = <3 !
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<3 is how you can make heart in text messaging and if you want a bigger heart you can type more 3s.
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Like this -->
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Hello. The thing you will need to type in for a heart ( AKA code ) is; (L)   . Including the ( and ) . Thanks.

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