How To Make A Bird In Text Messaging?


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  • How do you make a bird in text messages?

To make a bird with the symbols available to you in a text message you need to have some imagination. For an extremely simple bird you will need to use a colon for the eyes and a V for the beak and this makes a nice simple bird :> Another way that you could create a bird is by using stars for the eyes and a V for the beak so it would look like this *v*

  • What other animals can I make with text messages?

There are many other animals you could make with the symbols and letters available. Other simple animals include a pig which is done in the same way as a normal smiley face with a colon for the eyes and a bracket for the mouth but with the '@' symbol for the nose so that it looks like this :@)

A cat with whiskers can be shown with equals signs to represent the whiskers on either side of the face so it looks like this =^-^=

A dog has a small 'o' for a nose and a 3 for the mouth and this represents a dog-like muzzle and would look like this :o3

  • How do I make more complex animals via text message?

It is possible to make more complex animals via text messages if you have the time and patience to type them into your phone.

This dog below is a series of brackets, lines and dots and looks like a cute and adorable dog to impress your friends with.

()( )()

This is a cute bunny that may take some time to enter into your phone but is very impressive:

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There are different ways that usually involve using the letter V to make a beak, with equal signs and brackets to suggest a face. It's probably better if you have a look here and see which 'bird type' you prefer. Once you have got the idea you could experiment with the keyboard and see if you can create your own bird art.

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