How To Make Lips In Text Messaging?


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There are a few different ways you can do this, with the first being the following '(|)'. By typing parentheses along with a lowercase 'L', or the other line on your keyboard, you will be able to denote a kind of mouth.

There is of course another way of making another form of lips. You should first just type a standard smiling face. You should, however, substitute the mouth for an asterisk, which makes it look like the face is kissing. The kill will look like ':*'. There is another option, though, and this is replacing the mouth with an X. This is used to symbolize a big kiss on the lips.

You could even pair your lips with the smiley-face eyes to make a kissing mouth that looks like this ':(l)'. This makes it look like your smiley face has a large mouth, or large lips! You can add even more love to the end of your messages by simply using an 'x' as a kiss, or using '<3' as a love heart.

Sending kisses through an instant message is obviously not as good as the real thing, but many people do it to add a touch of individuality to the end of their texts. It's really easy to do, too, so if you want your text messages to appear a little less cold then use the information above to find out precisely how you can change the way you text.

Thanks to the Internet and text messages, this has become one of the most common forms of communication and hence it's important that we are still able to express emotion through text. Feelings and sentiment is difficult to express in short messages and these emoticon alternatives are a great way of doing so.
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:x / :X for small / big lips

or do this one,which is the one I do - =3 or :3 it's cute&a lipsie face :)

Hope I helped..'

Sophiee Jadee x

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