How Can I Download AOL 9.0 For Free?


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To download AOL 9.0 for free you can do one of two things-
1. If you are a member of AOL already all you need to do is go to the AOL webpage ( and download the latest version. At the moment the latest version is AOL 9.6 which is perhaps why you are having trouble finding and downloading AOL 9.0
2. There are various sites on the internet which offer free downloads including AOL 9.0  however not all of them are offering the genuine product so try to be careful when downloading software and make sure you have up to date firewall or virus protection enabled.
If you are not a member of AOL but would like to be, it is very simple to sign up. Again go to and click on the "Join Now" tab at the bottom of the home page.  You can use most of AOL's features without being a member, including email, and many services from cars and dating to horoscopes and travel.
AOL originally stood for America Online and peaked at 30 million users, and was released for the first time in 1993 as AOL 2 for the Mac and AOL 1 for PCs. At the moment (2011) it is operating at 9.6 and this will change in the following years. To find the most recent AOL all you need to do is go to their homepage (
Using AOL if you already have an internet server is very easy and it is a useful home page to have. You may find AOL has the best rates in your area, but it is worth doing a comparison search to establish this for yourself.
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AOL (America On-Line) 9.0 can be downloaded for free on AOL's official web site which is The new version of AOL also works on Windows Vista, the new operating system of Microsoft. There are many new features in the new version of AOL. One of the new feature drives out viruses that may be accumulated on your computer by surfing the internet. It also has the ability to scan all the emails that come into your mailbox which gives you complete protection from any threats. It also has various parental controls so that your kids stay under control and not go through any explicit web sites. AOL also blocks spam and has the ability to block pop ups. In short, a great software for your needs.

There are many free downloads that you can download which are AIM, ICQ, AIM Pro, browser toolbars and many more stuff.
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I want to download aol 9.0 to my new computer.. Can't find an icon to do this!.. HELP
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I can't find a link to download aol 9.0 for free. Help?
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I have been on AOL for many years.  At first I was limited to 10 characters in my screen name which will give you some idea of the time when I started with AOL.
My problem now is that all of a sudden I cannot see any new mail listed on the screen.   I have 41 active emails in the new category but that portion comes up blank on the screen.  I remember downloading AOL another time (because of problems) when I lost my pass word and screen name and I do not want to repeat that process.  What can I do to either; correct the problem, or download AOL and start over with out loosing my screen name, password, email addresses, favorites etc.  A quick answer would be much appreciated.

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