How Do You Turn A PDF File Into A Gif Or Jpg File?


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To change the format from PDF to Gif or JPG, you need to download software called as the Universal Document Converter. This is virtual printer software which enables one to save any type of document in the form of an image file. The resultant images, JPG or GIF, are totally platform independent and can hence be seen and printed on any machine.

Here's what you have to do to convert PDF into JPG or GIF: Install the Universal Document Converter. Then open the PDF file in Adobe and go the option File and select 'Print'. Then select the Universal Document Converter from the list of printers and click on the Properties option. In the Preferences window, choose the profile that you want that is, JPG or GIF or other. Select OK and the document will begin to print. The file will then be saved in the snapshots folder by default action.
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Quickest way is to press "Print Screen" on your keyboard (while displaying the PDF) -- it captures what's on the screen, and you can then paste this into any graphics software, crop it to remove unwanted menu bars etc., and save as GIF or whatever. Acrobat (full version) also has an 'area select' tool that works the same way but allows higher resolution than your screen height/width.
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I think you can do this in two ways.
A, capture the screen of the pdf to jpg/gif format.1. Open the PDF file
2. Press ALT key and Prt Scr key together
3. Click Start ' click All Programs ' open Accessories folder ' open Paint
4. Press Ctrl key and V key together to paste Screen capture into paint window

b. Use a pdf converter to convert the whole pdf to image format. Simpo pdf converter ultimate can do this for you and you can give it a try.
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Open the required PDF file in Acrobat Writer, you have an option called convert to , take jpg or gif file extension from the scroll down menu

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