How Can I Change A File Into A PDF File So I Can Send It In A Email?


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The simplest way to change a file into a PDF file so that you can send in an email is to save it in the PDF format in the first place. When you are saving your document, click on the arrow to the left of the bar that says, ‘Save as Type’ and a drop down menu will give a selection of options. Click on ‘PDF’ and that’s it. To send it as an email, just attach it as you would any other file.

If you want to create some bookmarks to make your PDF document easier to navigate, you will need the full version of Acrobat because that includes the Distiller program. Creating or modifying PDFs is not possible with the free Reader software.

To do it, choose the text that you would like to become the link. Click onto the ‘Link’ tool (the one that looks like a chain) or click onto the ‘Tools’ menu, and then choose ‘Link’.

Using the Link tool, draw a box around the text or the part that you would like to make linkable and you will find that the ‘Create Link’ dialog box will appear. Use the Acrobat navigation tools so that the page that you want the link to take you to is displayed, and then just click onto ‘Set Link’ in the ‘Create Link’ dialog box, and there you have it.

PDFs are ideal if you don’t want your work to be edited or plagiarised without your consent. Do remember that Microsoft Word 2007 now includes a standard PDF converter for your convenience, allowing you to benefit from the opportunity to convert files accurately without having to download specialist software that might cost you money.
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In order to convert a document into a PDF file, you must usually have a PDF converter program installed on your computer, such as Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional. It is, however, still possible to convert documents if you do not have this program installed, by using one of several websites that allow you to convert your files for free. One such site is "" You can use this site to convert Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, HTML and TXT files to PDF documents. These files, however, must not exceed 2MB in order for the free conversion to work. This site works on a simple, straightforward basis. You simply upload your document using a web form, the system converts it for you into a PDF file and it is then sent to your e-mail address as an attachment.

If you would prefer to install a free PDF converter to your computer, you should try "". This site allows you to download PrimoPDF v.3.0 for free.
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Nowadays PDF is commonly and widely used tool with Ms Word in office. It helps to send data to someone with a confidence that no one can change it or copy. First of all you have to install the PDF writer which can easily be available in the market or you can get it downloaded from multiple websites like or
Once downloaded, and then install the program, there are so many ways with which you can convert Word file to PDF.

Firstly open your word document, then go to file and then print option. Click on the printers' dropdown and select PDF and press ok. It will start producing the PDF file.

Second option is to click the PDF icon appears on the Task bar of Ms Word, this will directly create a PDF file.

The last solution is just open your windows explorer, select the Word file and then right click on it. A list of options will appear. Select convert file to PDF and ok this will also start making you PDF.
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Is it Office file? If so, you can use Office 2007 to convert directly.
Download Microsoft Office 2007 Ins: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS. And then click save as to converter.
Also, you can use PDF converters. You can convert a file to PDF very simply. I want to introduce one for you, Spire PDF Converter. Google it and you can find the website to download
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With a PDF creator. You can try Simpo PDF Creator Lite, it's a freeware to help users to convert files to PDF format.

Or you can search other PDF creators in Google, Yahoo or
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Drag it to the folder of pics!!
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