What Is JPG Image?


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It is an extension for any image. And a best supportive extension for all type of applications on world wide web networks.

It is the most common on all platforms of image extensions like .JFIF and .JPE

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JPG or JPEG, stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, is the exquisite format that has a great importance to both online and offline users. JPG can support 16.7 millions colours. The default internal compression mechanism of JPG format may actually include the emission of information. The emission of data is not particularly visible in plain eyes. There is an essential feature of JPG – that is progressive JPG, which particularly resembles the quality of interlacing as applied to GIF format. This form of progression actually helps in loading the images faster. In general JPG format is very much useful in print media, where high quality graphic is the primary requirement. JPG image does not come in animation line, as it is only a static format.

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