What Is The Best Way To Enlarge Digital Images Ensuring High Image Quality When Printed?


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Dear friend, the first thing one should know when dealing with digital images is the number of pixels, the depth of the pixel and the image resolution. There are certain constraints that will apply when enlarging digital pictures.

For instance a 2 MP camera might be able to give a good 6"x4" print but when you try to enlarge it the quality will deteriorate. As soon as a little or more software interpolation is involved in digital image processing to increase the pixel count the quality will be reduced, and the sharpness in the image print will go.

One way to print a good image is to have a high resolution camera in the first place, so the capacity of the print can be adjusted, a 10 mega pixel camera might be able to give you crisp and clear A4 size images in print, or basic poster size, but a 2MP camera won't be able to do so.

Other than that you can buy a high DPI scanner, and scan the images on a considerably high dpi mode. This will take time and the image you get in digital form might be of a very big size. I had seen normal images up to 350MB which were used to print only on a 6" x 7" paper magazine, but the sharpness was amazing.

I hope this will be helpful for you, if you need any help feel free to ask.

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