Who Invented Pokemon?


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Pokemon was invented by Nintendo in the year 1996 for a portable video gaming system named 'Game Boy'. The game was originally released in Japan and the game consists of little creatures with special abilities and manipulated by human trainers. In the Pokemon games, human being or the players can be trainers to these little creatures turning them against each other and winning the maximum number to one's side. 

The original name of Pokemon was 'Poketto Monstaa', a Japanese word meaning Pocket Monster. Later, the Japanese shortened this name to Pokemon. The actual creator of Pokemon was a Japanese game designer named Satoshi Tajiri. Satoshi designed this game from his childhood memories about collecting bugs and keeping in jars and fantasizing about making them battle like he had read in some science fiction movies.

The Pokemon game has been very successful internationally and continues to be a favourite entertainer among kids below the age of 14. The Pokemon characters have now spread outside of video games to toys, TV series and even comic books.
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A guy named bill
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Some guy in Japan or China
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I knew exactly who it was but I forgot. I think the creator of Pikmin, Mario, Zelda and so on.

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