When Do I Get Squirtle In Pokemon Leaf Green?


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The only way to get it is to start the game.
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Well, you could get two versions of the game, two leaf or two fire, and then get both squirtle, but it might take a while, if you want to breed, i.e. you need a male and female. But once you get a male and female you could trade one or the other over onto the other game, and do that to get the others.
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You get it as a stater pokemon or get it from a trade, but there's also always the pokemon duplcation glitch
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You have to get it as a starter, or get someone you know that has a Blastoise (Like Myself), Wartortle (Like Myself) or Squirtle (Like Myself) to breed it with Ditto and trade it with you.
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'Pokemon LeafGreen' along with 'Pokemon FireRed' is known as a video game title which was released in the year 2004 for the Game Boy Advance Platform. The character squirtle can be found in the beginning of the game, the player in the beginning of the game is greeted by the very famous professor "Professor Oak". The professor will take the player to the Oak Laboratory. There the player can pick his pokemon; a choice of three different pokemon's is given in the beginning, form which the player can select any one from a choice of three; Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

Note that once the player selects his desired pokemon, he cannot change it, as this pokemon will be the main character through out the game.

Later in the game, Squirtle, after passing its evolutionary stage can transform in to 'Wartortle'.
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Try this it works
this code is for squirtle :
00000554 000A
1003dae6 0007
but if you want a wartortle just change the 4 last numbers to 0008, if you want blastoise change the 4 last # to 0009.. Put thumbs up if it works!

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