How Do You Capture Articuno In Pokemon Leaf Green?


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Well go to sea foam island in cinnabar or fuchsia city but I not sure which one you need a pokemon that can learn strength and surf to get to articuno. Use strength to move the boulder into holes to stop the current from going to fast then the current will drop down into normal current and surf to left to find a blue bird which is a articuno.I will tell you how to catch a moltres and zapdos I will start with moltres you will be needing a pokemon that can learn the same move where you catch articuno go to island 1 and surf straight until you hit a island and when you reach a place which is a hot spring don't go inside you can get rock smash from a old man or woman in there standing by a hot spring after you get it go out and go forward and you will reach mt.ember there will be a cave near a trainer which is a ranger. The cave is filled with ma chop and machoke the yo will reach to where moltres is you use strength on the boulder then there will be a red bird which appears to be a fiery red  moltres level 50 so cool my brother likes that moltres.All the bird pokemon are level 50 so if you want a higher level you use rare candies on it or raise it.Now I'm going to tell you how to get a zapdos which is a thunder type it looks so cool it's my favourite but in the movie it is so weak but still its my favourite.Well you will only need a pokemon that can learn surf only then you will see these pokemon that are listed. Electabuzz,pikachu,magne mite,magnet on,voltorb,electrode and I think you can see a rai chu nope you can't see a wild rai chu. Go and follow the correct path you will see a 2 pokeball 1 of them is actually a pokemon called electrode level 30 catch it if you want.Go to your left and follow the path and then go down and you will see a yellow bird pokemon which is actually a cool zapdos I would like to catch it in a pokeball but if use other pokeball it sucks because people usually catch it in a pokeball. Please remember to catch it in a pokeball.In platinum I weaken dialga and I caught it by using 1 pokeball that was so easy and when I caught palkia I use 6 pokeball still easy but harder then to catch a dialga both level 70 that sucks I wanted 1 level 100 so I don't need to raise it.Dialga is a dragon and a ... I forgot but palkia is a water and dragon but dialga stronger and most attacks are stronger then spaciel rend or need to get a lustrous orb and a adamant orb which looks like a dam beehive. So I kind of told you how to catch a dialga and palkia aswell.Please reply the green thumbs up if you like my answer so please don't put the red thumb it is pretty sad I type this for nothing and go to wiki answer it is the best not that I am comparing you which is  blurt it to wiki answer so rock on and go umbreon you rock please give me a reply about what eevee evolution you like because I like umbreon because of it speacial defense becase my umbreon is level 100 by raising only. If anyone got a arseus would the like to trade it for me for a charizard level 72.

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