How Can I Create My Own Desktop Icons?


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Stuti Ahuja answered
It is really simple to create your own desktop icon with a help of specific software like Microangelo Studio for Windows. This software consists of two image editors which are real fun to work with. These image editors are called Microangelo Studio and Animator. You can use these two editors for just about anything that you want to do with the icons that you wish to create.

These editors are used to create as well as edit desktop icons and cursors. The Microangelo studio editor has been designed to work with cursor resources and static icons. Animator editor, on the other hand, uses the animated icons and cursors to help you create your own desk top icons.

You can down load your Microangelo Studio here: You should remember that you can only use this software if you have the Windows system operator software.
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Arjun Mitra answered
This is one of the easiest tasks to do on the computer. If you have a windows operating system then you first go over to the desktop and right click. Then the window bar that opens up you will have to place your mouse pointer on the option of new. Then when the new window pops up you will have to click on the option that says short cut. Once you click on then wait for a second for the new window to pop up and then click on browse. Then you go look for the files that you want to create short cuts of and they'll automatically be placed on the desktop.

However in the newer versions of windows, you can directly right click on the file that you want to make a short cut of and then just copy and paste the file on the desktop. By this method you won't have to go through such a long process. It is pretty short and sweet. This is how you can create icons on the desktop.
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You just go to paint,then paste the picture you want to be an icon.In the menu bar,find the attributes or the properties then click it.Make the width and length to 32.and then save your icon as ex:I want my icon to be named screamusfree,I'll just put it an .ico and the result is this."Screamusfree.ico".

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