What Are The Major Differences Between Icons And Short Cuts?


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The functions of shortcuts and the icons are same because both are used to open a file directly by clicking on them, usually icons and shortcuts are placed on the desktop for quick launching of the software. Usually on those shortcuts of software are placed on desktops that are being used most frequently.

There are total six types of icons and are as follows:

• Application Icon
• Drive icon
• Folder icon
• File icon
• Command icon
• System icon

Important key points of shortcuts and icons:

1 The shortcut icons occupy less memory space.
The icons consume large memory space.
2 The shortcut icons of any program can be created in multiple instances.
3 The program will work even if you may delete the icon of that software
4 The shortcut is created upon most frequent usage of the user, icons are also provided by default by the manufacturers of software.
5 The shortcut provides the shortest possible method to access the software, whereas icons can also be created to open any image file or play a song.
6 The shortcut is dummy icon which is dependent on the main icon, whereas Icon of a program is independent and can work itself anywhere in the computer system.

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