How Do I Transfer Songs From My Computer To My Cellphone?


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Use USB Data Cable.
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Can someone please give me a step by step account h ow to transfer cds to my pc and then onto a cellphone also how to use the disc that comes with the phone ive had my pc since xmas will noone  will help its driving me nuts! Ive read so may reviews there rubbish please help.
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I have Samsung M2710, I have inserted a 2 GB memory card, however when connected to PC using the USB port, nothing comes up on the PC. How do I tranfer the files from PC to phone in that case?
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The proper and step by step process of transferring a song from computer to cellphone is as follows. First you have to install PC Suite in your computer and once it will be installed from the CD which was given to you with the cellphone, then open the PC Suite and attach the cellphone via a USB cable. Now click on "connect" just at the lower end of your PC Suite and your computer will identify the phone. Do not go directly to "My Computer" to open the cellphone memory. Now click on "Transfer music" in PC Suite and browse the song which you want to transfer. Another simplest way is to install a bluetooth software in the computer and then switch on your bluetooth in cellphone and then transfer songs. This process is applicable only with the cell phones which have bluetooth option.

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