Why Is My Printer HP C3180 All In One Scanning But Not Printing?


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I have the same problem with my printer sometimes. I have to delete any print jobs that are on the wait list and then turn the printer off and back on before it works. Its been this way since I have owned it, it too is a all in one.
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Download software drivers and save to a file. Follow instructions from HP. UNIDRV also available at Microsoft update site. Check for conflicts (don't know your OS) and, if none exist, disconnect then uninstall hardware (printer), reboot then connect and reinstall.
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If scanner is working that means usb port is fine. I have all in one of hp psc 1210 . Make sure your printer isn't paused and you have selected the exact printer in the menu list. Check if your new printer is set on default mode. When we print any document, we need to select our printer from the list. Your old printer must have been installed previously in your system. Go to control panel >>>then >>> printers and faxes

See to it that your new printer icon is tick marked.

Hope that helps.

I don't think there could be any other problem.

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