My PSP Wont Update..when I Go To Update It, It Says "The System Configuration Of This PSP System Does Not Appear To Be Correct. The Update Cannot Be Started. Contact Technical Support For Assistance. (DRNFFFFFFCD)"...what Does This Mean And How Can I?


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Ok. You do have a small problem here, but you need to give more information: What kind of PSP do you have? ('Fat'[1000 series] or 'Slim'[2000 and 3000 series])
What firmware do you have installed? (go to 'Settings', then to 'System Settings', then 'System Information' to see)
Do you have a cable to attach your PSP to a computer? (USB to Mini-B USB)

If you are running regular Official Sony PSP firmware (and not custom firmware, meaning your PSP has been hacked), you should be able to simply go to sony's official web page, download the update to your computer, connect the PSP, put the files where the sony site tells you to, disconnect the PSP, and run the update software as instructed.

Hope that helps, and you have a great day!
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Thanks...i have the Fat PSP..and i think it was hacked b/c i let my friend borrow it for about a week and when he gave it back to me, the psp was on a lower version than it was it was version 3.8 or something..and now its 2.81..ill try the online update to see if it works..thanks!

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