Where Site Can I Download Anime Songs Onto My Psp?


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Asuka Jr. answered
AH-HA! I can answer this one with great joy, as I have used this site extensively... I pretty much only listen to anime music, and I get almost all of it from Gendou's Anime Music. Create an account, and start downloading! Just remember that the PSP will not recognize the original title of the song, so unless you don't mind it being a number, you'll need to rename each song as you download them... Otherwise direct to psp is a breeze... Just enter the series you want music from, and choose the song, press x, choose the new name (unless you don't mind the number), and choose OK.

Enjoy! And have a great day!
Asuka Jr.
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Tommy Bai answered

Heaps of songs should be already on Search for a song you like on YouTube, then get the URL of that video. Go to (MP4 converter) or (MP3 converter). Paste the URL in, download it..It should be easy from their. Remember to place the songs in the "MUSIC" or "SONG" or "SONGS".. Etc... File.. PS: There are no virus as I checked with my Norton internet scanner.

Good luck!

Tommy Bai

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