I Am Looking For A Free Antivirus Protection For My Computer. Does Anyone Know Any? They All Say Free But After The Download I Find Out It Is A Free Trial.


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There are certain "free" antivirus software but it isn't trust worthy. If you want a good antivirus get AVG or Norton. Both have web sites to visit. For norton visit Symantec.com and for AVG go to grisoft.com. I trust these to companies and my current job is a computer technician.
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Go to download.com and search "AVG" Free Anti Virus. They have a completely FREE version I've
been using for years. Recommended by Kim Commando and many others. Great software!
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You need 3 programs to defend your computer
[1] Anti virus to keep the viruses out (use ONLY ONE )

[2] Firewall to keep the bad guys out(use ONLY ONE )

[3] AntiSpyware to keep the malware ,popup ,password stealers out

Install  Threat Fire it makes your antivirus more powerful and block unknown viruses and Trojans.

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Have used avast antivirus for over a year and am very pleased with it. Avast is free for private users and can be downloaded at avast.com.
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Avast! is a good antivirus program, I use it too.
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1-877-523-3678 AVG Antivirus Tech Support
1-877-523-3678 AVG Antivirus Tech Support Number
1-877-523-3678 AVG Tech Support
1-877-523-3678 AVG Tech Support Number
1-877-523-3678 AVG Tech Support Phone Number
1-877-523-3678 AVG Not Working
1-877-523-3678 AVG Not Scanning
1-877-523-3678 AVG Not Scanning Windows 8
1-877-523-3678 AVG Not Scanning Windows 8.1
1-877-523-3678 AVG Not Scanning Windows 10
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I've been using Baidu Antivirus for a while and it's been pretty smooth. It also helped clean up my computer and the unnecessary files that I have. I've had no problems and Baidu AV is advertised as "always free" so I hope it stays that way!

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I use Comodo antivirus, I feel its good in protecting my windows 8. I would recommend this to you.

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