I Turned Of My Psp During A Update How Do I Fix The Psp?


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Sorry I did the same thing you can't fix it if I am correct it turns on with a black screen then a few seconds later it turns off
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Your PSP is suffering from a 'brick'. The easiest ways to fix it, are 1. Have a friend that has a hacked PSP, and have them use a 'Pandora's Battery' to unbrick it. (assuming it's not a brand-new PSP3000) or 2. Send it to Sony, explaining what happened, and hope they don't refuse to unbrick it because they are assuming you must have been trying to hack it, and botched the job.

If you ARE talking about a new PSP3000, then either return it to where you bought it, or return it to Sony and hope they'll fix it, and NOT terminate your warranty because they are assuming... (you get the picture) (^_^)

Good luck, and have a great day! I wish you lived somewhere in Washington, in the USA, as I'd happily meet you somewhere to do it for you... ('_')

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