My PSP Won't Turn On. The Green Power Button Is On, But The Screen Isn't Coming On? What Should I Do Anybody?


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If your PSP's green light is on but the screen is not working, your PSP is probably broken and you will either have to get it repaired or just get another one.

If the PSP is still under warranty then it is possible to get it replaced from the shop you bought it from for a new one.

There is the possibility that fuses inside the PSP have been broken. This would cause the PSP to blackout and the green light to remain on. The best way to fix this is to send it back to Sony if it's under warranty or to contact a non-Sony dealer and see if they know anyone who can fix it. This will involve some soldering but do not do it yourself as the inside of the PSP is very delicate and you can easily break it.

If you dropped your PSP midgame, this could also be a problem. You can try and fix it by downloading new firmware onto it to help sort it out. It may also have broken the motherboard or something inside.

You may also have damaged the backlights on the LCD screen or done some other sort of damage to the screen. This can be fixed at a cost and as the PSP is not so expensive at the moment it may just make sense to buy a new PSP to replace the one that you broke. You can also get new screens from eBay if you know how to replace them yourself this is a lot cheaper. However, you have to determine if that's the problem first and also if you break it, it may be unfixable leaving you with a broken PSP and useless replacement screen.
There are a number of reasons for this and it is hard to put a finger on one.

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Yes , this doesn't sound too good. Did you drop it or something before it happened? Is it still under warranty as it may need to go back to Sony.
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Another thing you can do is try to reduce the number of possible problems:
  1. When the unit is on, a game UMD is in the unit (with no memory stick), and you press the right D-pad button several times, then press the left D-pad button once, and press down several times, then wait... Do you hear the demo sound from the game inside? Or, if you have the button 'click' still active, do you hear it making that sound when you push the D-pad buttons? If so, your unit is working properly, you simply have no display visible. Go on to #2.  If you get no sounds from it, no matter what you do? This implies the entire unit may be dead, and will require major repair that may exceed the value of a new unit. You may as well stop here and head to the aforementioned sony dealer or repair shop.
  2. Turn the unit on in a dark or darkened room. Does there seem to be a glow from the screen? If not, one of the problems is that the backlight is out, or no longer connected properly. Knowing that much helps, now we'll move on to see if the screen is actually working properly. Go on to #3.
  3. Use a lamp or other focused light source, and turn on the unit with the lamp shining directly on the screen, but with the screen turned at enough of an angle that you don't see the light reflecting off the outer screen lens (the clear cover built into the face plate of the unit). Once enough time has passed that the boot process should be done, press the D-pad buttons several times left, then right. Do you see even ghostly movement on the screen? If so, the problem is entirely the lack of a backlight, and you can try to service it yourself to see if it's just a dislodged connection, or simply assume the light unit is out, order a new one, then install it when it arrives. This WILL require you to open the case and remove some components, and will, of course, void any warranty you may have. Now, if you have warranty time left, contact Sony and see what they will do under warranty, and what you have to do to take advantage of it. If not, then you will either need to have a professional fix it, or take the plunge yourself. However, if you don't see any light in a darkend room, and see NO movement on the screen whatsoever, but there ARE lights and/or sound indicating the unit is trying to work, then most likely both the backlight AND the LCD are dead. These can be replaced with aftermarket parts, just search online and decide if the cost is worth it, or if you should just buy a new unit.
Hopefully, this has been helpful in helping you determine what IS and what IS NOT wrong with your PSP, so as to be able to make an educated decision about how to handle this problem, and if you DO decide to take it to a professional, you'll know how honest they are if their assessment matches your brown... Good luck, and I hope things work out for you...
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Push and hold the lighting button until the screen comes on
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First of all, the
shift key isn't there so you can capitalize every first letter then you take to
an repair shop.

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Charge it completely and if it still doesn't come on then the battery might be bad and if it is,it will not have enough power to light the screen?it happened to me.
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Did you try a hack or home-brew, it sounds like you bricked it which means broken..
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My Psp  light  turns on but not  the screen whats wrong ?
I was  only down loading games
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Lol just get another memory card thats what I did and it worked for me but you still will lose all your saved stuff
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YES I press and held the home and select button as I turned it on I think thats what it was or something like that
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I tryed puting a cxmb theme on my psp now it now the light comes on and it charges you can also hear it loading and when I press R to go into recovery mode it lights up but nothing else  happens
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The following is a re-post from another question almost exactly the same as yours, that I answered earlier... I hope it helps...

 Ok... I have some good news and some bad news... Because I like to end on an up note, I'm going to give you the bad news first:

condition your PSP is suffering from is called "bricking". It occurrs
under exactly the conditions you describe. While updating your
firmware, power is cut off for whatever reason (switched off, battery
falling out, whatever), and that's all she wrote. It is referred to as
bricking, because with one switch-off, your pretty, expensive toy has
been reduced to a brick of glass, metal and plastic.

In the bad
old days, you only had two things you could do with such a PSP, and
those were to send it to Sony to get it fixed, or to use it for some
others purpose.... Like a paperweight, or oddly-shaped practice hockey

Now the (hopefully) good news:

There is now an
additional solution: There are these wonderful people who have figured
out how Sony fixes these units, and has made the software available for
download from the internet. However, all is not hearts and flowers.
You did not say whether or not your PSP is an original 'Phat' PSP, or
one of the new 'slim' PSPs... It makes a difference, but it can still
be fixed if it's a slim, it just takes a bit of work. And...
2. You
will need a friend with an old 'phat' style PSP that is willing to
help, by hacking their unit, following the instructions online, and
temporarily transforming their battery into what is called a "Pandora"
battery. You see, all (especially older) stock Sony batteries have a
very small circuit board sealed inside the plastic casing, and if that
board's memory is sent the proper instructions, it becomes the medium
to reset and reflash the unit's firmware, back to 1.5. From there you
can upgrade back to whatever firmware you wish, from stock Sony
upgrades, to custom (hacked) firware that allows you to run homemade
software you download (called Homebrew), that allows you to use your
PSP to do many things you never thought you could.

If you use
your favorite search engine (I prefer Google), and run a search for
'how to unbrick my PSP', you should have no problem finding a large
number of people willing to help, with links, suggestions, and
 Good luck.
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My psp screen dosent come on but my psp power is on the green light is on .
It is a slim light psp
and it is chiped
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You should go to some Sony store and show it to them instead of trying
to do something yourself. Probably they'll be able to help you with it
although its not sure how much it would cost but you should first go
and find out if they can do anything and the cost and if you can afford
it you can get it repaired. Although you never know with these things,
the repair sometimes costs more than the actual product but you can go
and check out for yourself.
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My Psp Won't Come On, Well The Green Power Button Iz On But The Screen Aint Coming On? What Should I Do ANYBODY?
I tried 2 play a game psp though gamesharin on another psp but it said I needed to update!!rite so I guess it was updating from his and I had a game in it was updating fine, intell the boy took it out , the update system stop updating ,it said it could read the downloading updating system, it froze I took the battery out , it went off,put it back in still was frozen so I took the battery out aagin,next I try to turn it on , but the screen would come on,green light on
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Firstly, the shift key isn't there so you can capitalize every first letter. But that's not the issue. I noticed you said your PSP was chipped, so the issue is almost certainly a brick. You need a new PSP, sorry.
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I also have the same problem with my psp and I still don't know what to do. I try ti take off the battery for 9 hours for Psp reset I hope it will work so try it
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Go to a gamestop and ask where there is a stor that fixes systems if you live in santa ana you can go to the gamesforless store it cost 35 $ to fix eny type of system or cd disc
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Just let it check by a qualified sony psp technician near you,troubles like that can maybe solve also by pressing x button while turning on the power switch

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