Toshiba Tv Power Light Blinks No Sound No Picture, Can You Help?


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The first obvious thing to try which you have probably already tried countless times but is still worth a mention is to unplug it, leave it about five minutes and the plug it back in again. If this still does not work then make sure that all the TV wires and plugs, including any devices connected to the TV such as; video recorder, DVD player or digital box, are all pushed in firmly and not loose.

One wire to check especially is the coaxial cable (the cable that connects your TV to the main aerial) because if this wire has become loose it will get rid of all the sound and picture but would not affect the power of the TV, so this could well be your problem.

If this does not solve the problem they try clicking through the various channel outputs such as AV, RGB etc. In case someone has accidentally turned it onto a different output other than the television.

If after all these steps it would be a good idea to get a technician out who deals with Toshiba TVs as it could be a technical issue that would be best left to a professional. If you don’t want to spend a lot, getting a specialised Toshiba expert out then look up your local electrician in the phone book or online, or alternatively ask around your friends and family as they may be able to recommend a good electrician who won’t charge a small fortune to fix what may just be a small problem.
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count the number of times it flashs this is a fault code for engineers then you would need repair manual
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Its going to be a bad power supply board needs shop repair
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The TV is on stand by, must have a botton where you can turn the tv on.
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If on stand by light does not blink sorry
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My TV blink when is on stand by but sorry not all is the same I just thought maybe is the same.Anyway thanks.

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