My Alba 32" LCD Tv Picture comes on for about 10 secs then blank screen. Sound is perfect (so is picture for that 10 secs) any ideas? Standby blinks on standby wheras our other TV which is the same stays constant on standby


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When my alba tv light flashed on standby it was old reminders if you go on menu then timers if there is any delete them it should not flash then as for the sound picture problem I've had that usually unplugging the tv from the socket leaving it a few seconds then plugging back in works for me. Good luck :)
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Hi, Paul; I found two people that have problems sorta like yours and both times they were told to 'bring it in'. Questions for you. Does it do this on all inputs? Have you looked around back for any type of push buttons (like a reset button)? I want you to try this, 1) Turn it off. 2) unplug it from the wall. 3) Turn it on. 4) wait at least one minute. 5)Turn it off. 6) Wait another five minutes. 7) Plug it in. 8) Turn it on and see if it works. If none of this works find the Model number and get back to us. Good luck.
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Paul entthistle
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Hi Harold. Your method worked. At the moment its fine. Seems like the common problem with this TV is the inverter or so I believe. I am wondering if it is to do with an internal cooling fan noise I can hear, if it runs too slow it cuts out? I know its going to get worse but at present all is well after numerous on and offs of the remote over a 15 minute period. Thanks again.
Harold Raby
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'internal cooling fan ' Means you must clean it. It may have a filter or just a screen but either will need cleaning or the unit will get hot and shut off. Good luck, H.
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Hi, I have the same problem, sometimes it can go off in 10 secs or it will stay for a couple of minutes then just goes off but my standby light doesn't come on straight away?? We have the same television downstairs, bought the same time, place and price. But that's working fine!! I've tried both these suggestions but still having no joy :(

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