How can i make my mobile camera of nokia 5310 on normal mode, which is now on standby mode?


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If the camera on your Nokia 5310 has stopped working and gone into standby mode, this usually means that you haven't been using the camera program for a good couple of minutes. The phone will put the camera into standby mode in order to stop the battery from being pointlessly wasted whilst it isn't even in use. In order to get your phone out of standby mode, you will need to follow one of these steps:

• Use your phone!

If your screen has gone black or blank because it's in standby mode, you merely have to press any button or key to wake the phone up. It has gone into standby mode to save battery, so it will not be difficult to start up again. Some models of phone require you to press the "on" button once before they get out of standby mode, then the phone will start up again.

• Remove the battery

To completely restart your phone, in case it has crashed and not gone into standby mode, just remove the battery. If you are unsure of whether the phone has crashed or not, make sure that you only remove the battery if you don't have anything that needs saving on your mobile, as it will be lost. Remove the back of the phone and gently pull the battery out, wait for around 30 seconds and then put it back in and restart the mobile.

• Plug it in

If your phone has gone into standby mode, there's a chance that it is running out of battery and is trying to retain enough battery to not shut down. Plug your phone into the electric and see if it wakes up, or press a few keys once it is plugged in.

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