Can you get free bbm on pay as you go blackberry curve 9520?


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The Blackberry BBM service is not free on a pay as you go contract. This is because BBM utilizes an Internet connection, which must in itself be paid for. In addition, Blackberry charges at least ten dollars per month in 'Blackberry charges', which cover the use of BBM. In short, if you wish to go pay as you go on a blackberry curve 9520, you would likely have to pay high charges to use the BBM service. Instead, you should choose a contract plan if possible, in which BBM is usually included.

  • Blackberry Messenger

The Blackberry Messenger (BBM) service is an instant messaging system that allows communication between those using Blackberry mobile phone handsets, such as the blackberry curve 9520. BBM allows fast communication between Blackberry handsets as an alternative to text messages.

The feature is not unlike the Facebook chat feature or MSN messenger. Users can make personal signatures, and each person has their own 'pin' which others use to add them as a BBM contact. Many of the younger generation seek to purchase Blackberry phones simply to gain access to the BBM feature.

  • BBM controversy

The BBM service has recently hit headlines due to the England riots. It is claimed the mass city riots were organized through the BBM service, which is private. BBM messaging allowed quick communication between rioters, allowing them to gather together at a time and place at short notice.

Police forces claim it was the key to the riots getting so out of control. City riots began in London, but soon spread to other major cities such as Birmingham and Manchester.

The riots, which were initiated due to the shooting of a weapon-carrier at a peaceful protest, resulted in four murders and many shops on the high street were looted. A cleanup operation is still underway.

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