Does anyone know exactly what the "Panorama" and "Smile Detection" features, on the Samsung Focus, do?


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We assume your question relates to the Samsung Focus Windows 7 phone and you are asking about the camera settings within that. Various reviews online have concluded that the camera feature of the phone is a major selling point in the device. We were unable to find out exactly how the features work on your specific device - but we can explain Panorama and Smile Detection.

More detailed information should have been provided with the instruction manual when you purchased your device and may still be available in PDF format on the Samsung website.

  • Panorama feature

The general idea is to take an image that is very wide; useful if you wanted to take an entire horizon, rather than just a section. The way this works differs slightly as very modern models are able to do this in one shot, while others can only take multiple photographs, and the final result will require computer software. However, the result should be impressive and present a striking shot.

  • Smile detection

The idea behind smile detection is catching the ideal shot. It works using facial detection software and is capable of identifying the faces of people and animals. Modern software looks for open eyes and upturned mouth associated with a smile. Some modern cameras allow users to differentiate between small smiles and big grins - so the camera knows exactly what to look for.

The smile detection feature can be turned on and off. When the feature is enabled the camera will then choose the moment to take the shot after the user has pressed the button.

Both of these features have obvious advantages, and we have all experienced problems with not being able to get everyone in a shot and difficulty in catching the perfect smile. We suggest playing around with your camera/phone and taking advantage of these two advanced and very useful features.

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