Does the virgin mobile lg optimus v have 3G?


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Yes, this model of Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V is a smart phone with 3G service; this means the phone adheres to guidelines for the "third wave" of cell phones, and it features Wi-fi, as well as a typical array of mobile communications services. However, this phone has been reviewed extensively online, and it does have some occasional problems with 3G connection stability - often, people will need to "re-boot" their 3Gs by putting their smart phones into the Air travel mode, and then switching off Airplane mode; apparently, this type of on/off process helps the phone to reset, and it's a fairly quick and simple way to fix any 3G problems that may crop up while you use your Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V cell phone.

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To find out more, why not visit Virgin's website, which will list all of the features and perks that Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V owners can expect to enjoy? Virgin is an international company, so you can choose to visit their range of sub-companies through their central website, which will offer service to many different companies; here is the Web address, or url, or Virgin's official website...

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Virgin started out as an idea in the mind of brilliant entrepreneur Richard Branson, who opened a small record store that became the base of a burgeoning empire in the British Isles. Now, Virgin has become a true multinational corporation that runs an airline, mobile communications service (with hardware and software inventory), and so much more. The website displays a lot of the company's signature "cheeky", bold style.

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