My Sharp LCD Tv Screen Goes Black At Any Time,no Fixed Pattern But I Still Have Sound, Why?


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One of the top selling points of any LCD TV is its crisp picture. So it is understandable that anyone would be upset to turn on an LCD TV one day to discover it has sound as usual, but no picture. Whether it is a back light or a power supply that has gone bad, it is no fun to deal with.

This might manifest itself like this: You turn on the TV and the picture turns on at first, then the screen goes black. You can't see the menus, so trying to change the source is pointless. You try different outlets, a different power cord, all to no avail … but the sounds works just fine.

If there is no "glow” around the edges, then your backlight probably has burned out and will need to be replaced. If you do see a glow, then the problem likely is more complex, such as in the video circuitry that drives the panel.

There is a do-it-yourself test, but it takes some time. You can try unplugging your TV for several hours, then replugging it and seeing whether that makes a difference. Some repair experts have recommended this as a way to reset the television's electronics.

There are some other DIY checks you can perform:

• Simple as it sounds, change the channel. This should be step 1 to be sure the problem isn't simply with a certain network.

• Check the video connections of any other devices that are plugged into your TV. Make sure there are no loose wires connecting to a DVD player or cable box, especially yellow video cables. While you're at it, make sure the coaxial cable that runs from your cable outlet is screwed in tightly.

• If you can, check the image settings, such as "picture” and "brightness.” Some of these can make the picture appear black if they are set to extreme levels. You may be able to solve this by returning the TV to its original factory default settings.
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It has a bad main board.  Call the company that made the TV (Sony, Vizio, Toshiba, etc.) and have them send you the part since it's under warranty.  Then either you can replace it or call a repair person to do it for you.
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My alba lcd tv has sound and picture, but after a few seconds the picture goes and sound is still there. Help plz????
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There is an important part in tv machinery and it is the picture tube. If it has been damaged because of low quality or unnecessary intensity of light all this  happens. You must take it to tv engineer who can easily replace it and you can see what ever you want.

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