What Causes The Black Screen Of Death On LCD Tv's? I've A LG 42in LCD Tv That Will Turn On, But Will Not Produce Any Audio Or Video. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated.


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Without knowing the actual model or manufacture of your LCD television, it is difficult to give a specific answer to your question. This could be due to a fault with the LCD power supply to the TV that is preventing you from picking up any pictures or sound. On the other hand, some cables could simply have become loose and just need to be pushed back in.
Some people have been noticing this problem with specific models and brands of LCD television. In this case, it could be down to a manufacturer's fault and they would be liable to replace or service your television at no added cost. Have a look on some internet forums and do a bit of research to establish whether your TV may be one of those affected.
It could be an easy and inexpensive problem to fix though. Get a repairman out to take a look at it and then save the receipt from his services as you may be able to claim this money back if it turns out to be a manufacturer's fault.
If your television is still under warranty and the fault has been caused through no fault of your own, the manufacturer or retailer you bought it from will need to fix it for you. Get in touch via the internet or over the phone. If your warranty is through the store you bought the television from, it may be a good idea to go down to the store first to speak to the manager.
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My best guess is that the monitor fuse is perhaps damaged or the audio/video connector box needs repairments... Try put cables right perhaps? Don't mess around electricity a lot though !

Sorry, hope that answers your question?
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There is a  service menu on each kind of tv which is for experts or repairmen.there is a option that turns the "black screen"on.bau I don't know how to turn it off.

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