I Have 32 Inch Emerson LCD TV That Will Not Come On , There Is No Red Light Or Power What So Ever. Is There A Reset Or Something That I Can Try?


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This TV does have a little fuse!

You have to take all the screws out of te back and take the back panel off.  Follow the power cord to where its connected to the circuit board and just to the right of that connection is the little fuse.  Just pop that out and get a replacement and it should be good to go!

I have the same tv, and the same problem!  Customer support is worthless and the companies they may refer you to are just the same.  They both didnt seem to care one way or another to speak to me...  So I just decided to dissect it myself.  I found this fuse and replaced it and it works just perfectly!

Good luck
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Check your manual and see if the tv has a fuse, also check to see that there is power to the outlet where the
tv is plugged in.

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