My LCD Tv Is Leaving Streaks Or Trails. It's A Sharp Aquos. What's Wrong With It?


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satya kaushik answered
Sharp aquos lcd tv model lc65d93u is having any problem of banding or sharp has resolved this problem in new models.
please let me know if you know it.
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Muddassar Memon answered
Well it is advisable that you check the substance which you use to clean your LCD monitor, it is suggested that you find a different way to clean you LCD Display which will not leave behind streaks or trails.

It was noticed that in earlier version of LCD TV's, bright objects would move around the screen leaving behind a trail, which no longer occurs in the latest versions. Liquid Crystal Display Television basically is a television which applies the LCD technology for its image productivity. The technology mainly applied is TFT.

During the early 2000's, LCD flat-panels took over a huge section of the computer monitor market from the earlier CRTs. Enhanced versions of the LCD TV technology allow it to contend against Plasma flat panels and also with rear-projection televisions for large-screen HDTV.

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