What Is Wrong With My Philips Plasma TV? I Can't Turn It On!


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Technology surrounding televisions has come on in leaps and bounds over the past ten years. Whereas for around 40 years or so, TVs remained at the same basic standard and the only real change was from black and white to colour. In the past 10 years, through plasma technology, we are all enjoying much crisper and brighter pictures and bigger sizes than ever before. With this technology though things become a little more complicated but turning the TV should still remain pretty straight forward.
First of all make sure the TV is plugged in to the main's electricity, as well as the switch is set to the on position. You then need to make sure the TV is turned on at the set. Quite often with slim plasma TV's, the on/off button is difficult to locate due to its streamline appearance. The button is often on the side or even under a small flap at the bottom of the screen. If the TV is plugged in and turned on at the set it may also need to be turned on using the remote. It could have been set to "stand-by" mode so pressing the relevant button on the remote control should turn it back on.
Of course, there is every possibility, that there is a fault with the set. Consult the instruction manual for a help-line phone number or contact the store you purchased it from to gain advice about repair. You may be entitled to a free repair under warranty or even a replacement set from the supplier.
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I have the exact same problem with my 50 in Philips plasma. After a lot of research, I see we are not alone. I turned it on to the surprise of no sound but had a picture. I turned it on/off again to find that I had sound but no picture. Third time is a charm right? WRONG. It turned on but I got what other ex-Philips customers have coined the "black screen of death." I call Philips to no avail because my 1 year warranty expired the prior month. I asked the Philips ex-Customer Care Representative (already knowing the answer) if this is a common problem. She stated: "I wouldn't say common, but I have heard of it happening before. I had this television for only 13 months, so I decided to take it into see if I could get it repaired. Guess what? Philips no longer makes the parts necessary to fix it. Well, good for Philips for recognizing that they can't manufacture a decent component part. Now if they would just quit manufacturing defective televisions I would be very happy. So my 50 in Philips plasma has found its final resting place in the big green dumpster. So my solution to your problem would be to get a baseball bat (or some other blunt object), unplug your TV, and take it outside and reenact a scene from Office Space.
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Set is in fault protection... NO OSD-On SCreen display and a blinking LED. When that happens the set bypasses the start up pins to keep from damaging more components internally. Service center with charge 400-900 dollars for repair. Stimulate your own pockets and keep the food on your table. DIY

Reply back or head over to fixya for my yah e-addy for detailed instructions and pics of what your going to be looking for and the tools needs to perform the job.

Best regards and Semper Fi

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I have a Philips plasma 42PF5320/79 with the same green light comes on then red light flash problem:
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Please check your power connections. If it doesn't help repair your problem please contact your nearest philips repair center or a philips showroom.
All the best.

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