Why is my computer screen starting to go to black at random times? Can I fix this easily or at a shop, rather than buy a new one?


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Yo Kass answered

What kind of computer is it? Are you using a monitor?

If so, I would try and rule out issues with your monitor, monitor cable, and the port it plugs into your computer... Before investigating more complicated hardware or software issues.

One way to test them would be to borrow ones that definitely work, and see if that's the issue. Plug someone else's computer into the same cable/monitor etc...

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

It is best if you can borrow a monitor and see if it does the same thing with another monitor. If it does, then it could be your graphics chip/card causing the problem. If another monitor works fine, then it's probably time for a new monitor. You can get some pretty nice ones for about $125.00 from Dell or ASUS. Monitors just don't last as long any more. But that's the best test. Borrow one and check it out. Cheaper to buy a new one than have a Tech check it out. I know most techs charge at least $125.00 an hour to work on your unit.

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Rich Marzetti answered

Well the 1 easiest way I know of is to push the 2 monitor plugs in securely on the back of the monitor.

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