How Do I Fix Toshiba Rear Projection Tv With No Picture?


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Sound but no picture?
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Most probably your Toshiba Rear Projection Tv has a damaged ic so you will need to first check it and then get it repaired or preferably replaced from an authorized dealer.
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I have a toshiba rear projection tv problem.their is power to the unit the three bulb or tubes inside recieves power,you can hear the the high pitch noise like when the tv is on but no picture.
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I found same error as above.

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First check if sound is available while having no picture or raster , if there is sound

then check for CRT heaters, if it lit , check video drive and Screen voltage

if it don't check it from the flyback secondary terminals it supplies the voltage necessary for the

heater to operate.

If it does not have sound too, then start from the power supply.

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