Toshiba Tv Power's On For 3 Seconds Then Goes Off. What Could It Be?


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This is NOT normal.  This is a design defect in Toshiba LCD TVs of certain sizes.  Check the Toshiba website - the warranty has been extended to cover this problem.
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I know what you're talking about. I have a Toshiba and it does the same thing. If it sits for a little without being turned on (like a few hours) it has to build up power. Mine turns on normal (for a few seconds), turns itself off, turns back on with sound but no picture, back off, then finally, on normal again. If yours does the same, don't worry, it's normal.
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Try turning the remote away from it as soon as you turn it on or if you haven't already, turn it on with the on/off button on the TV.  Could the on/off button on the remote be sticking?

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