My Toshiba Turns Itself On When I Plug In The Cord To A Power Strip And Before I Turn On The Power Strip. Also It Goes On Stand-by After Turning On, What's The Matter?


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Symptom: Dead unit. Shutdown error indicated by red LED blink present on the front
of the unit.
Cause: Defective Seine Module. (Loss of 20vdc due to defect on the Seine
Solution: Troubleshoot by unplugging connector PJ63 from the Seine Module.
Apply power (allow time for the TV to completely boot) and place the TV
receiver into the “On” condition. If the TV receiver powers on and the TV
displays on screen menu’s, replace the Seine Module using Toshiba Part
Number 75001605 (42HP95 and 50HP95) or Part Number 75001681
(42HPX95 and 50HPX95
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Toshiba Laptop ?, battery will turn on computer with or without external [power strip] power. You could have a short in your on/off button. dirt or anything [soda,surip] sticky can cause the on/off switch to stick and go into shutdown as if you yourself held the button\switch down. Have you seen what looks like a pencil with an eraser but has a brisil coming out of the end that the pencil should write. clean the keyboard, on/off switch with forced air while brushing under keys..carefully!!
What opening system[o/s] Windows xp, m.e., 98, 95 ??
get back to me & I'll help you fix the "turn on\turn off" problem.

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