How Do I Change My G Board On My Sony Rear Projection TV?


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My Sony technician told me that the KP53v85 G Board is also known as the Power Board or the Horizontal Deflection board. If you look at the questions just before yours, there is detailed instructions to remove, and replace the G board. I learned a lot from this explanation. Thanks for such great detail. Very much appreciated!!
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What does "the question just before yours" mean? Can you give a link to the exact question? I also need this information badly! Thanks.
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Sony TV have service manual on line, you need to have one to repair the unit you are having

some have a fee but some are also free.

These manual will guide you , troubleshooting the unit in component level., might as well have a copy of it and send it to your Sony Technician and do the component level troubleshooting.

There are many sites in case you need replacement parts, the important thing is find the bad

component or have it replaced as a whole.Get the board part number and Google  for it.

I'm sure you can find one..
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This link will give you a quote online and answer your questions.

Also search " used car warranty " on the net for other companies.

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