How Do I Know If The Convergence Board Is Bad On My Samsung Hcl4715w TV?


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I was the guest that posted above, but I will retype.

The convergence board is in charge of keeping the colors in the right spot. When the board starts to fail, colors can float out of the spot they are supposed to be, the picture can get fuzzy, and lines can appear. An example of one going out that I have personally seen was most noticeable when watching credits. You could see where the white text was supposed to be, but as the credits progressed down the screen, a ghost of blue was off to the left and had the effect of water.
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A convergence board is the main component to a television. It keeps the colors in the right spots. When a convergence board is going out, colors will seems to be floating out of where they're supposed to be or be blurry, lines can appear, and when you look closely, it will seem like the "pixels" are fuzzy. Many things can happen.

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