How Can I Fix The Convergence On My Philips 61" TV?


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I also have the same problem and I was wondering what the part number is for the converter board. Or if someone has a service manual for this TV. I had a TV repair man say it was the converter board, so I am going off what he said.
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The conversion is messed up on my tv how do I fix it please help I am a girl and don't know much about fixing tvs
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I was trying to adjust the color on my philips big screen tv and I mis alined the color convergence. The tv's blank screen is no longer blue. I  don't think I need to replace any thing because it was fine until I messed with it.  I don't understand the meaning of the color cross or how to adjust them.
Thank you in advance for any help you have to offer.
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Have you checked all the wires? What I do is having someone to fix it
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Yes if you cannot fix it then is it still in warranty maybe the company wont charge for fixing if not there is normally small shops out an about with a small charge
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I just had the same problem and I got it working again.  You need the change the convergence chip inside your tv.  Check the link below can buy the kit that will have all the chips and resistors you might need.  The kit is about 65.00 plus shipping.  Just click on the Repair Kit on top of the web page.  But its worth it instead of paying 300 to 400 hundred dollars to a service Tech.

I've spent about 90.00 dollars for the kit and the tools from Radio Shack that I needed.  It took me about 1 hour to get it fixed.  Just make sure you practice soldering before you start.  It was so easy I'm now in the process of changing the CRT Coolant from my tv to get better quality picture like I just got my tv.

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