How Much Will It Cost For A Convergence On A Sony?


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Your question is very vague.  If you are having a convergence problem on a Sony rear-projection TV, the cost to repair it depends on the labor fee charged by the technician and the cost of replacement parts.  In general, the convergence board is usually not replaced, it is repaired.  The technician will determine which components are defective, then unsolder them from the circuit boards and replace them, then run a "burn-in" test to make sure the TV won't break down again.  Usually there will be two to four integrated circuits, several low-ohm fusible resistors, and possibly some electrolytic capacitors that need replacement.
The labor charges can vary a lot, depending on whether all the defective components are on the convergence circuit board or some damage was done to components on other circuit boards as well.  Good luck.

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