My Rear Projection TV Is Got To Much Green In It And I Cant Adjust It, What To Do?


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How to calibrate tv to get the green tint out it is projection hdtv
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Depends on the type of TV. Some rear projection TVs have 3 CRTs. One for red, one green and one blue. Some have a single CRT, some an LCD with a light shining through (like a 35mm slide projector) and some a system called DLP. DLP utilizes Micro-mirrors that are continuously tilted toward and away from a light source.

Each have different methods of color balancing. Usually CRT types have a pot on the control board for adjusting color. Other types it varies. Usually a schematic, and maybe specialized gear is required.

Prior to paying for or attempting the fix, eliminate possible non-TV sources of the problem:
Is the signal from an external device? Make sure all cables are working and securely attached.
Is the green actually a lack of red/blue? Try adjusting red/blue up and the Green down.

Cost to repair? Call multiple factory authorized places and ask or references. Prices vary greatly.
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Fix it

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