My Philips 52 Inch Projection Tv Has Color Issues. Is Either Red Or Blue Tint. Change The Tint & It Reverts Back To The Washed Out Reds & Blues. Any Advise?


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There's an on-going and common problem with many projection TV's that causes a washed out, tinted picture - over time the coolant in one or more of the CRT's gets contaminated; its always the green or blue CRT's, I've never seen a contaminated red CRT. You have to look directly into the CRT while the TV is on and showing a picture to determine if this is your problem; this means you have to either take the back off and stick your head in there to look into the tubes or take the front screens off. Looking into the CRT if it's OK the picture will be clear and sharp, if the coolant is contaminated it will look milky and hard to see the picture. On the screen this contamination will cause the picture to be weak and smeared and the non-contaminated colors will predominate causing a tint to everything. I've heard two theories to what causes the contamination - 1) the coolant has an algae growing in it, or 2) the coolant has actually cooked somewhat over time. The fix is either to remove the CRT from the set, disassemble the CRT, pour out the bad coolant, clean, wash and dry the coolant cavity with water, and replace with clean, clear coolant (ethylene glycol) or to replace the CRT.
Bob, Master Tech Repairs, Killeen TX

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