When I Turn On My TV The Channels Keep Changing By Themselves. How Do I Fix It?


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Larry Patterson answered
Some remotes have a scan button.  It could be stuck in also.
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You are right the channel changing button is pushed and stuck. You have to open the cover or pull out the button by hitting it with some tool. If you could open the cover that will be more useful to you. However, If you are not sure how to do it then you should consult with a TV mechanic.
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   I know it sounds stupid but, are you sitting on your remote, or is your pet standing on it?
   Also, my stereo remote sometimes interferes  with my  TV, and TV with stereo. 
   With all these different remote controllers these days, it's not unlikely that they conflict, and overlap.  Even garage door openers, cell phones, car door openers, beepers, the list goes on and on....

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