I Have A Sony KP53V85 Projection TV That Has Been Diagnosed To Have A Faulty Power Supply Board. I Am Told That Sony No Longer Makes This Part. Does Anyone Know Where I May Be Able To Find One?


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I had the same problem with my KP-53V85 Sony TV.  The standby light is solid red but TV wont turn on when you press the power button.  A technician came out to my home and said I had a Faulty Power Supply Board.  Sounds like this issue is common with this model.  The tech told me it’d cost $600 for him to repair it.  I didn’t want to pay that much before I did my own research and it paid off.
I called Sony Tech Support/Parts at 800-488-7669 and tried ordering the part myself and was told they no longer sell it. BUT… They have a program to either locate the part for me or repair mine.  It’s called the Phase 3 Board Program.  Then I was transferred to any rep to file a claim.  I was given a work order # and an address to their Service Center in Mount Pleasant, PA and the toll free # to PA 866-748-8272.
My only dilemma now was how am I going to remove the board from my TV.  I didn’t want to mess anything up so I called a tech for pricing on removing my board.  Instead of taking my money he was so kind to talk me into doing it myself.  Said it’s so easy that if you’re handy with a screwdriver you can do it yourself. 
I removed the back from my TV to find the power board on the far left and followed his directions…

  1. The board is screwed into a plastic tray.  Remove the screws from the tray right in front, which then allows you to slide the plastic tray out towards you and makes it easier to get to the board.

  2. On plain paper I drew my own diagrams of each item I was unplugging as I did it and labeled it on the paper.  Make sure you note the color of wires (for me I just noted for example red wire on the right).  Plus with tape and litter pieces of paper I labeled the actual plugs to correspond with my diagram so I’ll know where they go when I get my board back.

  3. The only tricky thing to know is how to unplug the two cords from the big part on the board in the front…

  4. Neither cord unplugs from board instead they unplug from TV so they’ll still be attached to board when you mail it in for repair.

  5. First the shortest cord… follow it from board to where it ends… Push it in and you’ll hear a click… Turn cord towards you then pull out.

  6. Now the longest cord… You’ll see it goes towards the front of TV and hard to get to… Pop the speaker cover off the front of TV (it’s just held on with plastic blackest)… Remove the plywood cover with screwdriver and you’ll see where long cord ends… remove the one screw hold that plastic holder on then remove the cord by pulling it strait out.

  7. Remove all screws from board and lift the four black brackets up located on far right of board connecting it to other board on right.

  8. Remove board and ship it off for repair.

  9. I took mine to FEDEX and they provided a box and bubble rap and I shipped it off.
It’ll take 7-10 days for the Service Center to repair then they’ll ship it back to me ready to go.  Price for repair is based on what’s wrong with board and will range from $100-$250.

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