On Red Light On Toshiba TV Is Blinking Unable To Cut Off At TV Or By The Remote. Can You Please Help?


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It may be blinking to indicate a malfunction.  Unplug the set for a bit and plug it back in.  If the problem persists, check your manual or call the manufacturer's service number to find out what it means.  

My LCD set has a bright red light just to tell me it's plugged in.  When the set is on, the light turns a pleasant blue color.  But the bright red is too bright in my bedroom at night, so I put a piece of blue filter material in front of it and now I don't see the red, just the blue light when it's on.

If you're just annoyed by the blinking light, you could put tape over it or use some type of filter.  But chances are it's trying to tell you something.

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