How To Put Games Without Hacking A Psp?


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Ok... You can only play downloaded games (whether homebrew, or .iso rips of original PSP games) on your PSP if you have hacked the firmware and installed hacked firmware (like the M33 set)...

Once you have done this successfully, any time you format a memory stick it will add a folder called 'ISO' to the root directory of the memory stick. Or, if you don't want to format, you can simply create one from your computer (while connected to it, of course), but make sure it's all caps (ISO, not iso)...

You then drop any games that have the extension .iso or .cso into this folder, go to the game section of your system (disconnected from the computer), scroll down to the memory stick instead of the UMD icon, and press X. You will then see a list of the games you have available for play off the memory stick. You may experience problems with game play, but this is usually caused by settings that need to be changed in the firmware, which you can easily do... Just look up the hacked firmware you have installed and they usually tell you how to access the settings menu for that firmware, and you'll just have to experiment with settings until you get the games to work properly.

Good luck!

Ja ne!

Asuka Jr.

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You need to convert it into ISO format . Software like PowerISO is a good option . After that you need to transfer it into your PSP or PS2 , transfered data will be now as a complete disc . Good luck...
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You have to hack it
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Go to a wireless hotspot. Go to the official Sony PSP website. Create an account. Go to the downloads area. Look for 'Game Demos'. Go there, download what few demos they have available.

Otherwise, if you have a friend that has a game that allows 'gamesharing', you can have them download you the shareable part of the game, but once you turn the game off, it will automatically get deleted, until it gets re-shared with you... That's about it.

Oh, yeah. One more way. Go to a store, buy a PSP game, put the UMD disk in the psp, go to the 'Game' icon, click the icon for the game on the UMD, and yer playin.

I think that about covers it... Darn. Almost forgot one. If you have a PS3, and internet connected to it, go to the Sony store on the PS3, setup an account with a credit card, buy a downloadable game from Sony, connect to the PS3 wirelessly with the PSP, transfer the game to your memory stick, and yer there. I think THAT covers it all...

Best of luck, and have a great day!
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