Is There A Game Similar To Dynasty Warriors On Pc?


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There are actually quite a few games like Dynasty Warriors for the PC, including Dynasty Warriors 6 and Dynasty Warrior 4 Hyper. Other games similar to Dynasty Warriors are Musou Orochi Z, Samurai Warriors 2 and Warriors Orochi.

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The five games mentioned above are available on disc and reviews for them can be found at the Gamespot. Obviously, there is a Samurai Warrior 1 and there are definitely at least two games in the Warrior Orochi series. It appears that most of them can be located at Amazon, if nowhere else.

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Retrogamer currently have three games which may fit the bill available for free downloads. These games are Crossed Sword, Magician Lord and Ninja Commando. In addition, Retrogamer also have a handy little search tool through which more games may be located.

Game-Download currently has a game called Drakensang, which can be played for free online. It looks quite interesting, but may not be exactly what is being looked for. It may, however, be worth looking through their list of games to see what else is on offer.

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Then, of course, there is the UK Gamesplanet. Again, it is a case of taking a look at what is actually on offer. We were also not able to confirm whether these games will actually be available for download to US customers. It might be worth checking out, just in case.

We sincerely hope that some of the games suggested here will be suitable. Previews and clips of many of them can be seen on YouTube and a variety of other places, which makes it a little easier to determine whether they will be worth paying for. We suggest taking a look at some of those clips before making a purchase.
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Samurai Warriors, ummmm well any game that uses hack & slash... But I don't think I know of any others!!
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The best and closest game that is similar to Dynasty Warriors On Pc is another Japanese hit game called "Onimusha 3".It has that same vibe to it like Dynasty Warriors and its combat system is also very good.

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