What's Are The Best 6 Pokemon In All Pokemon?


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Don't listen to these guys, there legendary n00bs. If you want to actually be GOOD, and not some uber/legendary using n00b, just find some pokemon who have good stats, moves you like, and fit your battle type. Like if your an pure power guy like me and don't worry about stat moves etc, don't use Umbreon, unless your good with stat control. Thats more of a defense pokemon. Meanwhile Espeon is really strong and one of my lvl100's.
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Look for platinum I would say beat down.. No.1 = Starter (Fire One)  no.2= Aerodactyl( Old Amber)   no.3 Leafeon  No.4 Floatzel  no.5 Drifblim   no.6 Metagross.  . . . . These 6 would guarentee you easy victory over everything in Platinum.
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My best 6 are:- mewtwo, darkrai, palkia, infernape, garchomp and kyogre.. Not in proper order.. .
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These are my top 6 and they hold up great against anyone 1=mewtwo 2=charizard 3=kyogre 4=rayquaza 5=dragonite 6=gengar of course everyone will have a different opinion but those 6 listed pokemon are my favourite, and in my view, some of the best pokemon ever. Ty =P
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Lol this is a rubbish set what levels r they??    Coz my set arent the best coz I just started pokeon platinum and mine are:

A lvl 46 infernape, a lvl 45 staraptor, a lvl 45 glacion,a lvl 44 rampardos,a lvl 44 luxray,and a lvl 40 taangla hope I helped!
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- ARCEUS, because its base stats are higher than ANY other
Pokémon, his movepool is monstrous, and the fact that he's God of all
Pokémon is pretty awesome too.

- SPIRITOMB, mainly because it has
no weaknesses. Also, its movepool isn't bad, and he's perfect for Sucker
Punch and Hypnosis. This, and just because Spiritomb looks awesome.

EMPOLEON, because it's part Water part Steel, and the Steel part offers
it major protection. It's immune to Poison, and Water, Rock, Ghost,
Dark, Normal, Ice, Flying, Psychc, Bug, Dragon and Steel don't do much
to it. Its only weaknesses are Ground and Fighting. Next to that, its
Sp.Atk., Sp.Def. And Defense aren't bad.

- JOLTEON, because its
Speed is crazy high, and his Sp.Atk. Is also high. Just a single
Thunderbolt on a Water or Flying type will most likely KO it. His only
weakness is Ground, but he can easily counter it with Hidden Power

- SHUCKLE, because its Defense and Sp.Def. Are huge and
it's terr
ibly annoying. It can learn Toxic, Spikes, Stealth Rock and more.
Because it cannot Toxic Steel types, a fourth move would be Earthquake.
If Shuckle would be fighting against Skarmory he would be in trouble

- NINJASK, because both its Speed and its Attack are
really high. It can be used as a physical sweeper but also as an
annoyer. SHEDINJA is also a good Pokémon because of the Wonder Guard
ability but if it's hailing, a sandstorm's raging, Stealth Rock, Spikes
or Toxic Spikes are active it's dead since it only has 1HP.

on top of all this, using these six in the same team results in a
balanced team! You have Defensive annoyers, a physical sweeper, special
sweepers, and Speed whores, you have the Normal, Water, Steel, Bug,
Rock, Flying, Ghost, Dark, Electric and basically any other type of
Pokémon on your team because of Arceus's Multitype.

Hope this helped!

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my best 6 are






and Salamance

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Its all down to what you think is best as I would say a mixture of all elemants for a better chance so if someone went in with all water types then you could kick their a** with your grass type
Hope I helped!
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Well MY best pokemon are lucario, gallade, regice, darkrai (most of all), giratina (origin forme), and arceus (dragon forme)
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I have to say from personal experience that a good mixture of a fire psychic steel rock grass and dragon are best. It's obviously best if you can have one of those be a bird too but if your rock has dig that's good too. However you might be totally different player from me with your style so it's hard to say. Example if you just want to survive then steel is best. If you want raw power dragon is best. If you like being different get legendaries. Just do what feels like it's a good solid team.
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I say darkrai, arceus, kyogre, mewtwo, mew, and shaymin
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You nicked MY darkrai you can have the others but not MY darkrai i am a fan of darkrai as you can see.
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Well mine consist of ryperior, magmotar, dragonite, garydos, gengar, and  electivire
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Don't laugh x]

But my number 1 pokemon is caterpie get him to level 100 (don't evolve him) he will be unbeatable!
My second is chikorita :powerful moves when fully evolved




6:Mew or Mewtwo depends what game your playing.

Hope I helped |
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My Best pokemon and the best are Kyogre Mewtwo Darkrai Arceus Lugia & Palkia this is the best you can have!!!!
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Ok there is no 'best pokemon', however there are pokemon with better stats than others, however they could still be terrible.
Also the pokemon with the best overall stats is Arceus.
Understandable when nintendo say that he is the creator of the known universe and all things in it.
Shellos has the best stat for basic defence, Blissey has the highest HP etc etc.
It just depends how good you are at the game.
People can give you all the info you need but you could still end up failing. Just find out what pokemon work best and seem most powerful for you :3
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I would say1.Darkrai2.Arceus3.Shaymi Form)4.Giratina(Origin Form)5.Mewtwo6.LugiaDarkrai because he has a great movepool and really good speedArceus because he is the ultimate legendary but still can't beat a skilled DarkraiShaymin Sky form because it can learn great moves and bring down almost any pokemonGiratina Origin form because it's levitate ability leaves 1 weakness (ground)Mewtwo because he is a great pokemon with good stats and movesLugia because its stats and moves are good and is a good competitor with the physcics
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This is a really hard question to answer, since every player has their own fighting style, and certain pokemon fit into those styles better than others. However, I've found a tough and reliable team, and can hold my own against any trainer. My six:

Bidoof, Bidoof, Bidoof, Bidoof, Bibarel, and Bidoof.

Hope this helps!

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